AWT – Labeling, Literature & Packaging
Together, engineering skills and collaboration create a medical device.

However, until it’s packaged and labeled in a sterile, compliant, and validated manner, there can be no product. For over 35 years, AWT Labels & Packaging has helped customers through the process of turning their device into a product. 

AWT Labels & Packaging provides labels, converting and flexible packaging solutions that both functionally and aesthetically enhance your brand’s identification. We will work diligently with your team to ensure the components we produce meet all of your requirements.

Medical Labeling and Packaging

Label Sets (Thermal Transfer, Laser/Ink Jet Sheets)
   –   Undercuts, Liner Transfers, Piggyback
   –   Variable/Static Data Printing
Tear Tab / Closure Labels
Onserts (IFU/DFU with Pressure Sensitive Backing)
Extended Content Labels

Capital Equipment / UL Labels

Thermal Transfer Imprintable
Lexan Coated Pre-Printed

Medical Device Labeling

A wide range of robust materials for application to all types of devices


ISO 9001 (certified annually since 1996)
Great Printer Certified – Printing Industry Midwest (certified annually since 2008)