Toxikon — Preclinical Contract Research
Toxikon is a preclinical contract research partner for medical device manufacturers to support your delivery of exceptional and safe products.

Toxikon has been proudly meeting the development challenges of component, raw material, and finished device manufacturers since 1977. Our vivarium includes facilities to conduct proof of concept and efficacy studies, complete biocompatibility, microbiology, sterilization support, toxicology, bio-analytical support, reusable device and combination product evaluations and more.

Toxikon offers services for medical device development to include a vivarium for:

  • Substantial models for comprehensive evaluation of various cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, ocular, orthopedic and neurological devices.
  • Custom studies for devices for drug delivery applications to treat wounds, as well as gastroenterological, urologic, respiratory and other disorders.
  • Complete biocompatibility toxicity, sensitization, irritation, cytotoxicity and other studies that comply with ISO 10993 guidelines.
  • Advanced, high-capacity facilities with modern surgical suites and on-site housing for small and large species.
  • A full array of specialized imaging, measurement and monitoring equipment.